Cirque du Soleil: Quidam
Cirque du Soleil: Quidam (1999)

Cirque du Soleil: Quidam

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A young girl has already seen everything there is to see and her world has lost all meaning.

Her anger shatters her world and she finds herself in the universe of QUIDAM, where she is joined by a playful companion, as well as another mysterious character who attempts to seduce her with the marvelous, the unsettling and the terrifying.




John Gilkey
John GilkeyJohn
Chris Lashua
Chris LashuaGerman Wheel
Wu Di
Wu DiDiabolos
Siqi Yuan
Siqi YuanDiabolos
Isabelle Chasse
Isabelle ChasseAerial Contortion in Silk
Konstantine Besschetnyj
Konstantine BesschetnyjBanquine Porter
Tatiana Gousarova
Tatiana GousarovaBanquine Flyer
Yelena Kolesnikova
Yelena KolesnikovaSkipping Ropes
Oleg Ouchakov
Oleg OuchakovSpanish Webs
Dmitro Sidorenko
Dmitro SidorenkoSpanish Webs
Konstantin Zakharenko
Konstantin ZakharenkoSkipping Ropes
Igor Strizhanov
Igor StrizhanovSkipping Ropes
Nicolle Liquorish
Nicolle LiquorishSpanish Webs
Néomi Tamilio
Néomi TamilioSpanish Webs
Serguei Rissouev
Serguei RissouevSkipping Ropes
Sergei Okhai
Sergei OkhaiBanquine Porter
Faon Shane
Faon ShaneSpanish Webs
Natalia Pestova
Natalia PestovaSkipping Ropes
Roman Polishchuk
Roman PolishchukBanquine Porter
Aleksandr Leontiev
Aleksandr LeontievSpanish Webs
Aleksandr Pestov
Aleksandr PestovBanquine Porter
Denis Pirogov
Denis PirogovBanquine Flyer
Svetlana Souvorova
Svetlana SouvorovaSkipping Ropes
Jonathan Morin
Jonathan MorinSkipping Ropes
Shayne Courtwright
Shayne CourtwrightSkipping Ropes
Jason Papp
Jason PappSkipping Ropes
René Bibaud
René BibaudSkipping Ropes Solo
Genevieve Bessette
Genevieve BessetteAerial Hoops
Marie-Eve Bisson
Marie-Eve BissonAerial Hoops
Marie-Michelle Faber
Marie-Michelle FaberAerial Hoops
Aloysia Gavre
Aloysia GavreAerial Hoops
Philippe Azoulay
Philippe AzoulayLes Macloma
Alain Catonné
Alain CatonnéLes Macloma
Guy Pannequin
Guy PannequinLes Macloma
Olga Pikhienko
Olga PikhienkoSpanish Webs
Carmita Lorador
Carmita LoradorStatue
Richard Jecsmen
Richard JecsmenVis Versa
Fatima Hedman
Fatima HedmanCloud Swing
Audrey Brisson
Audrey BrissonZoë
Edward Skwirsky
Edward SkwirskyFather
Richard D. Price
Richard D. PriceSinger
David Mallet
David Mallet
Franco Dragone
Franco Dragone
Guy Laliberte
Guy Laliberte
Martin Egan
Martin EganBandleader
Ali Labelle
Ali LabelleKeyboards
Raynald Masse
Raynald MasseDrums
Russ Stark
Russ StarkSkipping Ropes
Yves Turgeon
Yves TurgeonSaxophone, Keyboards
Peter Wagg
Peter Wagg
Josée Campeau
Josée CampeauCello
Geneviève Dubé
Geneviève DubéViolin
Paul Charlebois
Paul Charlebois
Peter Austin Noto
Peter Austin NotoMC
Dave Gardener
Dave Gardener
Dione Orrom
Dione Orrom
Rocky Oldham
Rocky Oldham
Celia Moore
Celia Moore
Barrie Dodd
Barrie Dodd
Gilles Ste-Croix
Gilles Ste-Croix
Armand Thomas
Armand Thomas
Dominique Lemieux
Dominique Lemieux
Nicolette Naum
Nicolette Naum
Ben Bowles
Ben Bowles


Back 10 or 12 years ago, when I bought my very first DVD player, included was a "bonus" to order several (5, I think) DVDs free. I knew only vaguely what Cirque du Soleil was, and nothing about their show called "Quidam", but it was available and I ordered it.

Cirque du Soleil's Quidam will, I'm sure, leave you amazed. The contortions, the music, singing and embedded humour will have you glued I'm sure.

Circ Du Soleil is so cool!!!It's really the best I've ever seen!!!

The Cirque du Soleil show quidam was an incredible show to see live when it was here in town 2 years ago. When I found out that it was being released on DVD i was very excited.

This circus act is simply incredible. There has never been anything done like it.

How do you define something that's part circus, part theatre, part Las Vegas spectacular, part concert and part performance art? It's hard, but then if you could define Cirque du Soleil in any conventional terms it wouldn't be as incredible.

This is along with Dralion the best live show on earth. I can even say that this is a little bit better than Dralion.

I love Quidam. I went to go see it when I was 13, and fell in love.

I saw Quidam live before viewing the DVD. It's definitely worth seeing both ways, but if not able to see it live, the DVD is a must see.